Provides Official Mail and Distribution services to all of Fort Hamilton, ensuring the best possible service in Records Management programs to strengthen and support the entire community for Active Duty, National Guard, Reservist, Retiree's, Civilians and family members IAW Installation Management Campaign Plan LOE#1 (Soldiers, Family, and Civilian Readiness).

Mail Pick-up Requirements:
Official mail should only be processed in the Official Mail and Distribution Center, questions regarding official mail should be directed to the OMDC at (718) 630-4237. Mail Handler Training is available to all tenant units upon request.
All Incoming and Outgoing mail will be picked up or dropped off to the mail room daily between the hours of 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Leadership must ensure that Organization mail is transported by government vehicle only, POVs are not authorized to transport official mail. Mail clerks and mail orderlies may be held liable for any loss caused by their failure to transport or handle mail properly.

Mail must be safeguarded and secured at all times.

Other services provided:

  • Records Management
  • ARIMS User guide and Managing Electronic Records
  • Forms and Regulation guidance
  • ARIMS FAQ's and training to tenant units upon request
  • Forms & Regulations
  • AR 25-59 Office Symbols
  • AR 200-400-2 Army Records Information Management System- ARIMS
  • DA Pam 25-403 Guide to Recordkeeping in the Army
  • Paper Work Reduction Act of 1980

If you have any questions pertaining to official mail and distribution, records management or forms and publications please do not hesitate to contact our office.